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Our Style: Editorial Wedding Photography with a Photojournalistic Approach

We are Mario & Ivone, a husband and wife team who alongside an amazing video crew, to be put simply, love what we do!
Committed to the highest levels of excellence, we want to provide you with so much more than amazing photos and videos.
Our style is a mix of glamour editorial images with a photojournalistic approach, telling the whole story of your day. 
This means there is a time and place to pose for your photos but the majority of your day gets captured how things happen naturally.
Our main goal is for you to have fun on your wedding day and trust us with the rest!
Unobtrusive, committed, and professional. You get a team that is prepared for whatever comes our way.

What is Editorial Wedding Photography?

Editorial wedding photography is all about capturing those fantastic, magazine-worthy moments with a mix of photojournalistic and artistic vibes. This means you will get an elevated and stylized approach when capturing your wedding. 
With the proper lighting, composition, and delicate art touches, you can get some truly stunning images that uniquely tell your love story. Inspired by the aesthetics of editorial fashion photography, it focuses on creating visually stunning and storytelling images that evoke emotion and narrative.

How do You Shoot Editorial Wedding Photography?

Shooting editorial wedding photography requires careful planning, creativity, and technical expertise. 

It involves collaborating closely with our couple to understand their vision and flow of the day.
We want to make sure some time is carved for these “wow” images as well as time for family and bridal parties. While the interactions are genuine and we want to show your personality, we also want to make sure photos are balanced, dresses and trains, are not wrinkled, and ties are centered utilizing creative angles, lighting techniques, and composition.

And what's photojournalistic photography?

In contrast to editorial photography, photojournalistic photography focuses on documenting candid moments as they unfold naturally, without intervention or direction from the photographer. These produce those memorable moments of pure joy and unexpected expressions. 

While editorial photography may involve some posing and styling, photojournalistic photography aims to capture genuine emotions and interactions in a documentary style.

Both styles help complete the overall vision of your day.

By infusing editorial flair into wedding photography, we strive to create images that transcend the ordinary and capture the essence of the couple's love story in a visually compelling and timeless manner.


As a professional photographer specializing in editorial wedding photography, I prioritize creating natural, emotion-filled poses that authentically express the couple’s connection. Here are some popular posing techniques we incorporate into our shoots:

Creating Interactions and Connections

Encouraging genuine interactions and connections between our couples helps capture authentic moments of love and intimacy.


Utilizing patterns and repetitions in poses can add visual interest and symmetry to the composition.

Wedding at Clubhouse at Galloping Hill Golf Course outdoor photo

Positioning Hands Gracefully

Paying attention to hand placement and positioning can enhance the elegance and gracefulness of the poses.

Taking Inspiration from Fashion Magazine Spreads

Drawing inspiration from fashion magazines allows for creative and stylish poses that elevate the overall aesthetic of the images.

Telling a Story Through Poses

Each image should contribute to the narrative of the couple's love story, conveying their personalities and emotions.

And when it comes to posing, we've got you covered!

We’ll help you feel natural and relaxed so your love shines through in every shot. Whether it’s getting cozy, striking a pose, or just having fun, we’ll capture those special moments that tell your story. So, there’s no need to stress – be yourselves, and we’ll take care of the rest!

When picking out your editorial photographer, check out their portfolio and see if their style matches what you’re after. And don’t forget about communication – finding someone you vibe with can make all the difference!



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