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The Grove - NJ Photographer and videographer

The Grove
Lore & Anthony

“When planning our wedding, we look forward to having the best music, photography, and food. We curated the best evening for us and our guests. Our inspiration for our wedding was Elegance! We added minor details like the cellist and violinist to create something magical. We worked hard and practiced for months on our first dance. It was tasteful and we ended it with a fun surprise dance which reflected both our personalities. My favorite memory from the wedding was Anthony’s reaction during our first look was priceless, as well as her father’s reaction during his first look with me. Walking down the aisle was a magical moment as well as their first dance. So many wonderful memories I will cherish forever. What I wish my future kids will know from my wedding is it was Simply magical. It was more than anything I could’ve dreamed of. She knew it would be great but our level of happiness was through the roof. ” Lore B.

Their venue was The Grove, located in Cedar Grove, NJ, is a premier venue for weddings, social events, and corporate gatherings. Opened in 2011 by a family with over 45 years in the food service industry, it offers customizable decor, luxurious amenities, and top-notch event planning. The venue features elegant spaces including grand ballrooms and the historic Personette House. The Grove aims to provide a unique and memorable experience for all occasions.

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